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Jan 21, 2013 4:00am EST
will be heading out to washington as the capital prepares for the inauguration of president barack obama. but will he spend the next four years at the mercy of republicans? we'll explore that. plus, we'll assess if israel could be medicining for a right coalition as benjamin netanyahu says he is prepared to work with the naturalist home. and we'll take a look at travel chaos across the continent as snow and freezing conditions cause plenty of disruption in the air and on the road. now, germany's social democrats are celebrating a stunning victory in lower saxony secured with the victory of just one seat. support for angela merkel's christian democrats fell by 657 percentage points, but the chance ler herself continues to ride high on opinion polls. for more on what all of this means, silvia wadhwa is here to join us on set. good morning to you. i guess, is this -- this is being presented as a blow to angela merkel or at least to her party. but given there's just a one-seat differential in the outcome, is that too strong? >> yes, it is. i think that there are two trends here. one trend is
Jan 22, 2013 4:00am EST
inflation a target and fed style open-ended qe starting next year. >>> president obama lays out a liberal position for his second term during his inaugural address. >>> and brewing giant sab miller reports a growth in third revenue quarter after china's growi coldest winter in 28 years sees an increase in lagger. >>> ross westgate is in davos. in the meantime, big news out overnight, this one for global markets. the bank of japan delivered what markets had been banking on with a joint commitment to double its inflation target to 2%. it says it will buy $145 billion of assets each month starting in 2014 with no set deadline to finish the purchases. all that said, the yen is strengthening this morninfor mot be disappointed, let's get straight out tore kaori enjoji. we're seeing again in markets a little disappointment. did the boj not fully deliver here? >> i don't think so. i don't think that's the right interpretation at all. i think this was an exercise in showing that the government and the bank of japan, the central bank are on the same page. they certainly delivered that. i think the
Jan 15, 2013 4:00am EST
.7%. >>> urging for actions, president obama and tim geithner say congress must raise the debt ceiling or cause irreparable damage to the u.s. economy. >>> and jump t to the top of the ftse 100 after third quarter revenue beat the forecast, burberry had earnings higher than expected. >>> all right. sorted out my mike issues. "worldwide exchange" is slightly different today because we're analyzing the first german gdp numbers. >> and i come to the u.s. where it's all annualized and we stick to the european data and it's quarter on quarter. given the context, we're still working through what all that means. >> exports in november, down 94.1 billion is where we essentially went. 98.4 billion was the october numbers. so exports in november driving down. and that gdp number is worth pulling out. exports for the year, up 4.1%. as far as production is concerned, it was up 2% in november. but the forecast were for it to rise up 1%. it was a very weak october, as well. it was this production and that production number. when that came out, it essentially made people put a pretty fourth quarter in the who
Jan 18, 2013 4:00am EST
next week, but then it clashed with president obama's inaugural address. that clashed with the anniversary. it was becoming a bit of a farce. actually, these events are becoming so tragic. it's difficult for cameron. i think his ideal would be to forget that he ever promised to make this speech. obviously, that's not going to happen. thou they're going to have to reschedule it with the contents trailed. it's a bit of a mess. >> and we'll get into more of the situation in algeria in a minute, but i want to look at the uk and the eu. a lot of people in the european union learning about all this is why is it that cameron is deciding to make such an issue of this? >> if you look at the opinion polls, there is. at the moment, something like over 50% of british people say they want to leave. not renegotiate it, but leave. my personal feeling is if it came to a referendum in the current climate, those numbers would change and britain would stay in. but it would be a real mistake to underestimate the disillusionment. cameron can't just ignore that. he has to respond to it a bi
Jan 16, 2013 4:00am EST
obama will unveil his gun control plan today at 11:45 eastern. he's expected to call on congress to ban military-style assault weapons and the type of high-capacity ammunition used in last month's school shooting in newtown, connecticut. the package will also include efforts to stop school bullying and invest available mental health services. may include several steps the president can take right away without congressional approval. >>> the house of representatives has passed more than $50 billion in aid for hurricane sandy victims. this more than ten weeks after the storm ravaged the northeastern u.s. the vote was 241-180. several republicans voted no. conservatives failed to offset part of the bill's cost with across-the-board federal spending cuts as some had wanted. the senate is likely to accept the measure and send it to president obama to sign next week. >>> and japan's top two carriers, ana and japan airlines, have granted all their boeing 787s today and tomorrow. it's after one of ana's jets made an emergency landing earlier following a battery fault warning. all passengers and
Jan 17, 2013 4:00am EST
eligibility to 70 from 67. there's plenty more on our website. also, president barack obama has unveiled sweeping gun control. he wants to ban military style assault weapons and do tougher background checks. the u.s. national rifle association is prepping for, quite, the fight of the century against the plan and there's detail on that, too. >>> conservatives are telling the tea party to stop using the debt ceiling crisis to force major spending cuts. can washington stop bickering? and does the gop have a problem on its hands? for more information, head to our website. >> and we spent a lot of time talking about corporate news today. may be an indication that the analysts are seeing more about what's going on in the eurozone as evidenced by the spanish auction today. they're writing in and suggesting sentiment now towards spain and italy is better than it was this time last year when the rto was in full swing. and another auction this morning across three issues, 2015, 2018 and 2041, spain raising the maximum 4.5 billion target. and yields lower akro cross the board, as well. which sugges
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6